11/21/2021 PM – Received shipping boxes and will resume shipping on Monday, the 22nd. Still no word yet on when I will be receiving my order from the Schuetzen/Swiss distributor.  Stay tuned, thank you for everyone’s patience and have a Happy Thanksgiving. I will see you on the other side of this holiday hopefully with some more news. Thanks.

11/7/2021 PM – Quick update:  I ran out of shipping boxes to process orders.  They did ship on 11/1, however its been delayed and is taking a bit longer to get to Maine.  Hopefully they will arrive this week so I can resume shipping orders.  Schuetzen containers have arrived in TX, just waiting on a ship date from them.  Will post once I know.  No word on the fate of GOEX brand.  Sorry. Thanks again for your continued patience!  Pauline


10/23/2021 PM – All orders have either been processed and shipped, or contacted for lack of credentials or lack of product availability.  For orders that I do not have credentials for, these will be canceled next weekend if I am not contacted or do not receive necessary credentials.  If you have not heard from me, I don’t have your order, please contact me!!  Email is better mainepowder@gmail.com

Website will not reflect any inventory updates for at least another couple of weeks.  I would like to give these last few orders a chance to get processed before I know what I have or do not have leftover.

Update on Schuetzen containers arriving from Europe – they are getting closer but they have been delayed a little, but at least they are on this side of the pond, hoping to get good information this week, but still at least a month, probably two months before the distributor is able to ship.  Still no news on GOEX brand.

Only other issue to report is I will run out of shipping boxes this week – there has been a delay with GOEX getting me more shipping boxes, hoping they can work this out this week, but I will contact orders I’m unable to ship directly.

Finally, my work schedule for the winter has changed, so I will be only be shipping on Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Thanks again for your patience! Pauline


10/19/2021 PM –  Ok, been very productive week.  All but a handful of the last orders are going out tomorrow, rest will go out on Friday.  Tomorrow Wednesday (10/20)  I will start contacting orders that I do not currently have product for their orders to see if we can substitute something or wait for an order to come in.  Orders that I have not received credentials for will start to be followed up on this weekend.

So in other words if I have your credentials on file, I will be contacting you to see if you want to substitute or wait for product to come in.

If I do not have your credentials on file, I will be contacting you over the weekend.

Still looking like Schuetzen order will be here in the next month or two.  Swiss won’t be here until next spring.  Still no work on the future of GOEX.

Thank you again for your patience.  Please keep checking this post for updated information.  Thank you again.  Pauline


10/13/2021 PM – Up to order 1909, waiting on a lot of call backs.  Please make sure your driver’s license matches the shipping address, otherwise it is going to be held up until resolved.  I have to be able to prove on paper that you live in the place I am shipping to, no exceptions.  Working with the distributors of Schuetzen & Swiss now, FYI whatever order I am able to get shipped to me  will NOT include Swiss 2Fg and 4Fg, and Schuetzen 1Fg.  They are still waiting on the Schuetzen containers to arrive, so it will be a month or two before I see anything arrive in Maine.  The Swiss container from Europe will not arrive this year, looking like Spring 2022 sometime.  Still no word on the future of GOEX.

FYI – I will not be processing orders for shipment on 10/15, as I have my last fireworks show of the fall season Friday night, will be busy with that all day.  Thank you again for all your patience.

10/12/2021 PM – Over the weekend and the last few days I have managed to go thru ALL correspondence and have managed to match up alot of credentials with orders.  I’m only up to order #1883, but I have filled alot of orders that were being held up due to credentials.  Now the problem is lack of shipping supplies.  Unfortunately I am running out of boxes to ship and these are not the type of boxes I can run to Staples and purchase.  These are all tested and approved by the US DOT and they have to be gotten from the manufacturer.  It’s HAZMAT, it is just the way it is and there is no way around it.  They are on order, but I’m probably going to run out by Thursday (10/14) and will have to wait to receive them from the manufacturer.  Check back for more details.

If you have questions, please email me if possible.  I’m finding I am able to answer questions via email BY FAR faster and more efficiently than text or by phone.  Thank you again for everyone’s patience and will post again on progress.

10/6/2021 PM – Update, processed orders up to #1876.  Orders between #1843 – #1875 I will be contacting on Thursday (10/7) to discuss options as these orders I do not have requested product.  Still a lot of orders that are sitting on hold (below #1876) that I’m missing credentials. I will not be shipping on Friday (10/8) but instead will be doing a hard core inventory of orders vs what is listed on the website vs what I have in stock.  In addition to being out of GOEX 3F, I am also out of GOEX 1F. What does that mean?  If you have not received an email with confirmation and UPS tracking#, you are not getting your order and will be receiving a email/phone call from me to discuss your options on what I do have.  Please don’t call, I will call you.  AND AGAIN I THANK EVERYONE for the restraint on not calling/emailing/texting me asking about orders, that has been much appreciated, even though I know it must be frustrating for you.  I still have over 140 orders I’m going through.  Thank you again.

10/4/2021 PM – Update, processed orders up to #1826.  A lot of orders (below #1826) that I have not processed are incomplete, missing credentials (those are being moved to the bottom of the pile) or shipping addresses do not match the DL (those I’m following up on).  I’m officially out of GOEX 3F, making calls to those who have ordered that for substitutes, but that is going to take time.  Check back tomorrow night for updates. Thanks

10/3/2021 PM – Update, I’ve gone thru and processed all orders up to #1786.  If you have an order# that is lower than that, it is being held up either due to a) lack of proper credentials b) order failed to go thru usually because the credit card used failed for some reason when placing the order – you would have an indication of that on your confirmation screen or c) you ordered a quantity that wasn’t 5 or 10 lbs and the order was canceled (you would have received an email from me by now if that occurred).  Thanks!

10/3/2021 AM – Update from Maine Powder House

Well news is out about GOEX and I want to thank each and everyone of you for your patience this week.  The emails, orders, texts and phone calls have been overwhelming, too many to handle.  I’m not setup like Amazon, I usually process 15-25 orders a week, a handful of emails and texts and phone calls –> I’m not setup to handle 200 orders in 24 hours, along with 700 emails, 70 texts and over 100 phones.

I appreciate the patience.

I will try and keep you posted on processing deliveries but I wanted to take a minute to answer repeated questions on the process since most of the orders I am getting are from new customers.

  • Delivery – US DOT rules states that this type of HAZMAT only allows for 100 lbs per commercial truck. In other words, UPS can only pick up PER DELIVERY TRUCK 100 lbs max. If I process 105 lbs in a day, UPS has to send 2 trucks.  Sometimes UPS is not able to send 2 trucks in a day to pickup and what ends up happening is my pickups get backed up very quickly (UPS only pickup HAZMAT Monday – Friday).  They also have to get it out of the State of Maine, 100 lbs at a time, which is why I will only process 100 lbs of powder per day – it is to keep the process moving forward and product not sitting in a warehouse waiting its turn.  100 lbs per day is about 10-14 orders.
  • Credit card charges – when you place an order, there is an authorization of funds hold put on it, it HAS NOT been charged. Only an authorization of funds hold.  I do it this way as I need credentials on file before I can process an order and it is a lot easier and faster to cancel a hold on a credit card than do a refund if I’m unable to process an order for whatever the reason.
  • Credentials – if I do not have a copy of your driver’s license and a release form on hand when I get to your order, you order goes to the end of the list. Sorry just don’t have time at this moment to do my normal follow up and chase down these docs from customers.  Also, your driver’s license MUST MATCH the shipping address.  If you recently moved, then I will need a copy of a utility bill (not an amazon bill, a utility bill) that states your physical address (utility is landline phone, water bill, electric bill is most common).
  • Stock – what do I have? At this point, I honestly have no idea.  Between online orders and phone orders I have absolutely no idea.  My best suggestion is to put an order in online (at this time I will not be taking order over the phone) so that you can ‘get in line’ of order processing.  If you want to select CHECK as payment instead of CREDIT CARD that is fine, probably easier at this point for everyone since it is going to be a few weeks before I get to anymore new orders.
  • How will I know when my order has shipped? I will email you a confirmation with sales receipt and UPS tracking information.
  • When will I be back in stock? Good question, working on that.  The other distributor who brings in Schuetzen and Swiss products into this country is currently working with those manufacturers on trying to get product in.  Not going to lie, might be next spring before they can get those extra ‘emergency’ containers in from Europe.  Don’t panic – we will have black powder of some brand, just unknown at this time what, how much, who will be doing the manufacturing and distributing, etc.  It is being worked on by the right people.  Trust me.

That is all that I have for now, please be patient will try and keep everyone abreast of what order#s I’m processing.  That should help in figuring out where you are in the order process.

Thank you again.


The Maine Powder House


9/27/2021 – Announcement from Hodgdon Powder Company, makers of GOEX Black Powder