5/10/2024 – Good evening, wanted to give a quick update. I’ve updated all inventory online, some people who said they would pick up product didn’t, and I’ve put all that inventory online. It isn’t much added, but some GOEX 4f and Schuetzen/Wano products are back in stock.

I am delaying my next orders – I was planning on doing a Swiss and Schuetzen order now (to get it by June) however I am going to have to delay. Short answer as to why – the place I store this product is flooded. We have had so much rain since last fall, the site I store is under water. I can still store a very small amount, about what I have online, but not much more than that, so I am unable to take an order at this time. Spring has been fairly dry, hoping that continues thru the summer which will bring down the water.

I know this will put a hiccup in alot of plans, I do apologize, just can’t be helped at this time.

Thanks again for everyone’s patience and I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day weekend! Pauline

3/31/2024 – Some of you know, I’m dealing with some family health issues which has made getting in touch with me sometimes difficult. For the rest of the spring and summer, my schedule will be this: Shipping of orders will happen Mondays and Fridays. If you need something immediately, please contact/email/text. I can email and text faster and easier, so if that is an option, please choose that one. I will be working Tuesday thru Friday (Saturday, Sunday and Mondays will be closed). Fireworks season starts on Memorial Day weekend and will probably go through the middle of October. I will be closed between 6/28/24 thru 7/15/24 (yes, I’ll be doing fireworks those 2 weeks).

As always thank you for your patience! Pauline


Thank you for everyones patience. I am currently processing back orders, should be finished middle of this week. When done, I will post an update on what I have left for inventory. I will have very little 1Fg and 4Fg – very sorry about that. When I placed this order back in the Spring of 2023, I had a couple of cases of 4Fg, so I didn’t order much and wasn’t able to change the order unfortunately. I do have Swiss 4Fg, but very little GOEX 4Fg left. 2Fg and 3Fg and Cannon I have quite a bit.  Manufacturer did not make any Olde Eynsford, hoping that will come back later this fall.

Swiss/Schuetzen order, I will be placing another order for those products probably May/June.

Thanks for everyone’s patience! ~Pauline


1/7/2024 – Happy New Year! Just a quick update on inventory.

GOEX – I have been in touch with them, they are in sporting powder production as we speak, with the goal to start shipping orders out to dealers by February. I do have a price sheet from GOEX, but the website is not currently updated with new prices, hope to get to that next weekend. GOEX will not be making OE (Olde Eynsford) on this batch, this probably won’t be available until this summer. Once GOEX fulfills the existing dealer orders, then they are going back to military grade powder and will be doing that for a couple of months. They are only making enough sporting powder to fulfill the existing orders from the dealers – there will be no overages, so what the dealers get, is what they get until they go back into sporting powder production again, which probably wont be until late spring/early summer (assuming ANOTHER world crisis doesn’t hit us that requires black powder).

Schuetzen/Swiss Inventory – my inventory is pretty low still and with GOEX shipping in a month or so, I will not be doing another Schuetzen/Swiss order until late spring.

On a personal note – my family and I are going through a medical situation with a close family member and I may not be as responsive as you would like – leave me messages (text and email will get faster responses) and I will return them, it just may take a day to get back to you. Text and Email I check frequently and are easier to respond to if that is an option for you.

Will keep you posted when I know GOEX is on its way, I will start calling back orders first, so if you haven’t placed a back order yet, I would recommend doing so. This product the dealers and I get will not last long, we have all been waiting too long for this, it is probably going to be a feeding frenzy of epic proportions!

Thanks again for your support, be back in touch. ~Pauline

12/9/2023 – Good Afternoon – It has been a couple of months since I’ve sent out an update, so let’s get right to it.

CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAY – I just wanted to remind everyone I will be closed from 12/16-1/2/2024. I will probably still answer emails/text/voice mails, but will not be processing black powder orders.

Winter Hours are still  Monday – Thursday:  5 pm – 7pm EST,   Friday – Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm EST,   Sunday – closed


First, I wanted to thank everyone who reached out to check up on me during that time in October. As some of you may know, Maine Powder House is a home based business and I live about 4 miles from the bar that was attacked in Lewiston. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this real world problem would hit this area. This is not a big city area with big city problems, it is very rural, towns have volunteer fire departments, we rely on county sheriff departments (and in-home scanners!), your town MIGHT have a corner store, there are A LOT of farms, A LOT of snowmobile/atv/hiking trails, we like to be outside and tend to keep to ourselves, we can’t see our neighbors through the trees. Lewiston is an old long past mill town that still hasn’t quite found its path after the mill closings decades ago, it’s quiet, respectful and provides all the necessities for the surrounding rural towns for entertainment and survival. Lewiston is usually shut down by 9 – it may be Maine’s 2nd largest city, but this is not a Boston, New York, or even Portland ME. For 3 days, our nice quiet area turned into non-stop helicopters, swat teams, non-stop rumors, sirens and pleas from law enforcement to shelter in place, AND THE MEDIA. Hopefully we will find out exactly what happened in the coming months, and thankfully we have moved on to helping the survivors and their families and emergency response people. The businesses involved are still closed, but there are a lot of efforts in fundraising and donations to help them get back on their feet. I personally didn’t know anyone, but I know a lot of people who knew/know those directly involved and some of the stories that have yet to hit the media go from disturbing to outright heroics, this could have been so much worse. Thank you again for reaching out and keeping the families involved in your thoughts….


I am offering a 15% all apparel. Use code 2023XMAS to get your discount. Click this link to order : https://mainepowderhouse.com/product-category/accessories/

This coupon is good while supplies last, and I will be shipping through the week of 12/22/2023.


I have been holding out on sending this email with the hopes that I would have news on GOEX. Unfortunately, I do not have any news on GOEX. I still have Schuetzen (no 3FG or 4FG) and Swiss black powder, but stocks are dwindling. My plan right now is to wait for GOEX over the next 2-3 months. If it looks like GOEX is not going to happen before Patriot’s Day, I will be doing another order from the Schuetzen/Swiss distributor to make sure everyone has what they need for Patriot’s Day. So right now it is a sit and wait and hope, which we should all be used to by now, it has been 2 years.

My suggestion is still to put in a back order if you have not done so already. I have a feeling once the dealers get their orders, GOEX is going to flyoff the shelves very quickly and it may be sometime before we can get another shipment.

Prices will probably go up in January, but it will only go up dependent on UPS. After contract negotiations this summer with the union, UPS said they will be increasing prices after the holidays – hopefully it won’t be too shocking.

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday or a Merry Christmas, and a safe New Year’s Eve. Thank you again for all of your support and see you next year. Pauline

10/3/2023 – Good evening. A very quick update – I’ve received my Swiss and Schuetzen order and have processed all the back orders. I’ve updated my inventory stock online. Placing orders will take me 1-2 days to process, I will send you an email with tracking information when your order ships. Sorry about the pricing, as I stated before, Schuetzen went up 17%, Swiss went up 22%. Even the distributor was in shock. I wont even tell you about the freight charges 🙁

GOEX is still TBD. We did hear from the manufacturer late last week, they are processing sporting powder for some of the association events that are coming up, however they are not shipping to the dealers yet. Still no word on when that will happen, I will keep you posted. Also still no word on a price sheet either, but I would guess GOEX will be between $28-32 would be a guess.

Will post more information about GOEX this weekend as well as send out an email.

Thanks for everyone’s patience, be back in touch! ~Pauline

8/27/2023 – Good afternoon. Sorry for the absense, this fireworks season has been very crazy. The weather in the Northeast has made getting shows done, very trying on the nerves. 2 shows I had to shoot in the rain, one on a barge in the middle of the ocean with winds gusting around 20-30 mph – YAHOO. In addition to this summer activities, I decided to sell a portion of my fireworks business and I have been engrossed in making that happen. I’m still shooting fireworks (I’m just working for a company as an employee now, as opposed to an owner) and it has been a hectic summer for sure. With the summer winding down and I should be more reactive to phone messages, text and emails after Labor Day weekend. Thank you for your patience.

GOEX update – unfortunately (as of 2 weeks ago) GOEX is not in sporting powder production. They are back to manufacturing black powder, but they are committed to producing and fulfilling their government contracts first, so we are waiting on that wave to get completed so that they can start making sporting powder again. I am going to touch base with them after Labor Day if they haven’t sent out an update.

Schuetzen/Swiss – so because of all the delays with GOEX and the uncertainty on when they will actually be able to ship, I will be putting in an order this week with Schuetzen/Swiss. It will not be a huge order, but I should be able to fulfill the backorders I currently have, if you want to take Schuetzen/Swiss. If you want to wait for GOEX, no problem, but know I will be contacting everyone who is on backorder regardless of the brand ordered. I would not expect to receive this shipment until late September.

Price list for Schuetzen/Swiss WILL be going up that what is currently listed. The website price list as of 8/27, are based on 2022 price list. Unfortunately, Schuetzen went up 17% and Swiss went up 22%, and unfortunately freight is going up about 25%. I’ve have been working with the distributors on trying to get the freight to a reasonable figure, but it is unfortunately a sign of the times I’m afraid, but will continue to work with them. When I update the prices on the website, I will post an entry on this news update page and on the welcome page.

Website – when placing orders you will notice a new feature, the ‘are you a robot’ question as you are checking out. I was recently “attacked” by someone testing out credit card number validation on my website, so to help stop them from doing that, I needed to add that ‘are you a robot’. REST ASSURED YOUR PERSONAL DATA WAS NEVER IN DANGER. This wasn’t someone trying to get into my system to steal mine or your data, it was someone just pushing random credit card#s with bogus charges using bogus names and addresses to see if the credit cards work. I did have protection against this that protection did work to stop it, but by adding the ‘are you are robot’ question to the checkout, it just shuts down the attack even quicker.

BACKORDERS – I will be in touch with you via email after Labor Day to keep you posted on the Schuetzen/Swiss delivery.

Just a quick update, thank you for everyone’s patience. Have a nice holiday weekend! Pauline


6/18/2023 – Good afternoon. Most of you know I’m in the fireworks business and I have a very busy schedule coming up in the next few weeks. For this reason, I will be closed from 6/28 – 7/9/2023. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. I will try and keep this page updated with GOEX information as I receive info, even during these days off. Thank you again for your support and have a safe holiday week! Pauline

6/8/2023 – Good evening! Dealers received an email from GOEX on their progress. The email wasn’t full of much information, other than to say GOEX is back in production, but are processing some government contracts first. No update on when they will start production on sporting powder, hoping they will give us an update by the end of the month.

In the meantime, I am working with the Schuetzen/Swiss distributor on a new order, stay tuned on that progress.

Thanks for everyone’s patience! I can’t wait until we get back to normal with black powder! Thanks again, Pauline

5/13/2023 – Good evening! Wanted to share some news, not great news, so I’m just going to state it so everyone can digest.

GOEX sent out an update late this week – unfortunately their projection of being back in production by the end of April has been pushed out until June. If they are able to get back into production in June, this means they will not be shipping black powder out to dealers until mid/late August. They will run sporting powder production for about 6 weeks before they ship out orders, then will switch over to government powder production for a few months.

That means when GOEX does start to ship, whatever sporting powder gets produced will probably be all sent to dealers leaving nothing in stock, until the next time they do sporting powder production runs again.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for everyone to get a back order in, whether with Maine Powder House or someone else, the inventory that gets shipped from Estes is going to be limited. It is going to take a year or two (my opinion) before black powder inventories get back to normal.

Another problem to add to the mix – Schuetzen and Swiss 2023 prices are out and unfortunately these prices went up 17% and 22% respectively. The prices I currently have listed do not reflect the % increases as I’m still using 2022 stock. Any new inventory I receive in the next few months, will have to reflect the increases from the manufacturers.

MPH Inventory – I am completely out of 3fg, 2fg is almost out. Reanactor powder I still have plenty of. Not sure when the next order is coming in, the Swiss container is due in from Europe sometime this month, but with the delay of GOEX, not sure what this will do to my next delivery. Working on it, stay tuned.

For those wishing to pick up – I do have some bulk powder left. What I have available is:

  • Swiss 1.5 FG: $24 per lb
  • Swiss 3FG: $24 per lb
  • Wano/Schuetzen 7FA: $15 per lb
  • GOEX 2FA (this is Hodgdon manufactured, not Estes) Glazed: $17 per lb

I will try and keep everyone posted as the summer progresses. Memorial Day is in 2 weeks, have a safe one! ~ Pauline

4/8/2023 – Good afternoon! GOEX is still aiming for being back into production by the end of the month, with shipments going out to dealers starting in June. With that in mind, I have taken off the 5 or 10 lbs restrictions. I still do not have a GOEX price list yet, so the price listed is my best guestimate. Hoping to take a Schuetzen/Swiss/GOEX delivery June/July.

Changes in shipping policy – in the past, I had been able to offer free shipping to everyone on cases of powder (25 lbs). Due to the drastic increases in delivery fees, I will not be able to offer this to everyone anymore. Most states in the Northeast will continue to see free shipping on 25 lbs, unfortunately everyone else will see regional fees applied when checking out.

Inventory is very low, I have plenty of Schuetzen Reanactor Powder, some Schuetzen 2F left, but everything else I’m down to single bottles. Your best option is to place an order, if I have it, I will ship, if I do not, it will go on back order.  I would encourage everyone to start placing back orders as even with GOEX going back in production, it will be a short production of sporting powder, before they have to switch over to making the government’s black powder. Remember back orders I do not need payment, just select CHECK at checkout. I also will need credentials (copy of your driver’s license and a release form) in order to keep you order in-line, incomplete paperwork will not get you on the back order list.

Patriot’s Day is next weekend, hope everyone has a safe holiday weeked! Thank you! Pauline


3/18/2023 – Good evening! I have no updated on when GOEX will be going back to production since my post on 3/4, however I have opened up online ordering to allow for back orders on GOEX. Once I am back in stock, completed back orders (meaning I must have credentials on file) will be processed in the order of receipt. I will not be accepting payment on any back order, so please select CHECK for payment. When the time comes to process your order, I will get payment information from you then. The online prices for GOEX is a guess/estimate – we have not received a price list from Estes – once we do, I will update the online price list.

Hope to have more news about GOEX in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Patriot’s Day is only a couple of weeks away, reanactor groups please contact me directly for case orders to get your orders processed.

Thank you! Pauline

3/4/2023 – Good morning! Wild weather going on across the country, I’m just hoping not to lose power this time (power loss due to storms this season at 3 for total of 7 days, I’m kinda over it!). I’ve updated online inventory, my stock is very low but I will continue to work with everyone on their orders.

For those wishing to pick up – I do have some bulk powder that I will start selling per pound. What I have available is:

  • Swiss 1.5 FG: $24 per lb
  • Swiss 3FG: $24 per lb
  • Wano/Schuetzen 7FA: $15 per lb
  • GOEX 2FA (this is Hodgdon manufactured, not Estes) Glazed: $17 per lb

No news from GOEX but I will post as soon as I hear anything.

Thanks and have a good weekend!

~ Pauline

2/16/2023 – Good afternoon! Just a couple of things…Some of you will notice the shipping/hazmat fee on 5 or 10 lbs has gone up to $90. For the most part, this is only effecting people west of the Mississippi.  Sorry folks, UPS went up on prices in January to this area, was hoping it would come down but it has not to date. I am watching this very closely and will adjust it if UPS drops it back down to where it was in December. This price did not effect the cost to ship/hazmat fee on the east coast.

GOEX sent out a note to all the dealers today letting us know they are projecting they will be in production of sporting powder later this spring. They have been delayed with some new fire suppression equipment, hopefully we will see this product hit the market by summer.

Online inventory is not accurate to what I have available – however I have about 10 orders being picked up in the next 3 days, will try and get a more accurate inventory updated on Sunday.

Patriot’s Day is 2 months away, please make sure you check your inventories! Thanks and have a good day!


1/22/2023 –  Good afternoon! Wanted to give a quick update on things, here we go.

  •  Inventory Update: I received my delivery in the middle of December and have fulfilled all back orders. Unforunately, my inventory did take a hit – I have maybe half of the December delivery left. For those of you in need of black powder, my suggestion is to plan ahead – figure out what you need 6 months from now or a year from now (whatever makes sense for your situation) and order it now and/or get on a back list, that way you can ensure you won’t be without. For the time being, I am limiting orders to 5 or 10 lbs (especially with the 2Fg and 3Fg), unless you are an established customer with case order history or you are in a reanactor group. I will do my best to accomodate case orders where I can, please call or email me so we can discuss your particular situation. I am still committed to getting powder in everyone’s hands, but also understand the 5 or 10 lbs limits can be extremely limiting for some reanactment groups.  My current stock looks like this – 2Fg and 3Fg is getting low, but I do have more 2Fg than 3Fg right now. 1Fg, reanactor powder and 4Fg I have a fairly decent supply. (Please note, the 4Fg I have is GOEX and Swiss brand, I do not have the 4Fg Schuetzen). Cannon grade powder I was not able to get as the distributor is having problems getting it shipped to them, but we are hopeful it will come in the next container. I won’t receive my next delivery until after April, as I am holding off my order until the Swiss container comes in, which is expected to arrive in April.
  • GOEX Update: Last year Estes (the new owners of GOEX) told the dealers that they would have sporting powder back in production by December 2022, they even sent out a price sheet. Unfortunately,that has not happened – and we are now being told GOEX will be back in production “sometime 2023” with no clear date of even season. We will just have to wait and see.
  • Musket Caps:  Musket Caps are here and available! They are 4-Wing musket caps made by MAXAM (distributed by Schuetzen) for use with black powder musket loaders, in-line muskets, and anything that uses a musket cap ignition.  These caps are sold by the case – 5000 caps per case (Packaging: 100 caps per tray, 10 trays per box, (5) boxes per case for 5000 caps). Price per case if $450, which includes shipping and hazmat fees. (People picking up may purchase them by the box (1000 caps) for $90 plus tax. Call for details.)

Thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding. Most of you know this is a home business for me and my schedule can b e insane and unpredictable, so I thank all of you you in working with me around those crazy house I sometimes work. Thanks again! ~ Pauline

12/27/2022 – I am closed this week and will not be processing orders again until 1/3/2023. I’m a little bit behind this week with catching up, was out of power for 3.5 days, Christmas day had to be rescheduled for this weekend or next, New year’s eve fireworks looks to be problematic due to weather, i could go on, I’m a bit behind in everything (due to the no power problem). Will try and do an update on where i’m at with orders this weekend. Thanks and be safe! Pauline

12/18/2022 – Happy Holidays! Very quick update, because of the recent storm that most of the country got hit with, I’m a bit behind in processing backorders. Any orders I receive after 12/19, if I have the inventory, will be processed after New Year’s. Sorry for the inconvenience this will cause, just running out of time with too many orders to get out. Hope to be able to communicate a little more after Christmas. Stay safe everyone!

11/25/2022 – Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to give you an update on where we stand with my next delivery. The boat has arrived from Europe and the shipment is being delivered to the distributor this week. They are hoping to start shipping orders to the dealers sometime end of next week/beginning of the following week. I’m not sure where I am on the delivery list, but am hoping to have powder back in stock by middle of December. I will keep everyone posted. I have sent an email to all backorders that I have on file, so if you did not get an email from me and you think you have a back order, please contact me via email at mainepowder@gmail.com so we can get that resolved now (as opposed to after I’ve run out of product 🙂

What am I getting?  Good question – the distributor will probably end up rationing out product to the dealers (that is what happened this spring) so that everyone can get a little – the only thing I know that I am NOT getting is cannon grade powder.

GOEX update – Estes continues to tell us that they will be back in production by the end of the year, although they have not been specific on what will be available and when it will be available. Price list has been distributed and although prices have gone up, they do not seem unreasonably high. It will come down to freight costs.

Thank you again for your continued support, I will continue to try and keep you posted as best that I can, thank you again.


10/2/2022 – Good afternoon.  Just a quick update, spoke with the distributor, looking like perhaps November I will get a shipment, the hold up is the Swiss container. If you want to do a back order, I do not require payment but I do require your credentials. I will approach fulfilling backorders as I did this summer, in order of receipt, so if you want to be guaranteed product please get your back orders in. If you are in need of more than 5 or 10 lbs, please call/email me as I will not be changing the online process yet.

Still waiting to hear about GOEX and when that will hit the market again but Estes is making progress. I believe they have receive the piece of equipment that was lost in the fire on June 2021, so progress is being made, we just have to be patient.

I’ve recently changed web host providers, it seems to have moved over smoothly and the performance of the site seems to have improved, but if you notice any ‘quirks’ on my website, please email directly at mainepowder@gmail.com and let me know.

Schuetzen musket caps I will have available to order shortly. Please check back for details on that, but I will also send out an email when they are available to order.

Thank you again for your continued support, will try and keep you posted as best that I can. Thanks



8/11/2022 – Update – Good afternoon. It has been a long time coming, but I have finally caught up with all the back orders. It has taken a big toll on the stock I received in June, but I have contacted everyone I had on my lists. I am sorry if I missed some requests to be notified, but the volume of contacts I had was overwhelming, so I apologize if I missed you. Please feel free to contact me as follow up.

I wanted to once again say thank you for your patience – receiving this order 2 weeks before the 4th of July fireworks kickoff season was in no way easy as it was unfortunate as it did take longer to get through all the back orders.

Lessons learned from this experience has led me to make some changes in the way I will take orders for the near future. In my opinion, the shortage of black powder is going to be with us for at least another year. Product is not coming from Europe as fast or in quantities as everyone would like, the GOEX void is just too great for Schuetzen and Swiss to make up for the GOEX void. Until GOEX can get back up and running, black powder availability will be tight. I will continue to hold the 5 or 10 lbs order limits, and process case orders to existing customers who traditionally order more when I am able to – those customers should continue to contact me directly.

The big change going forward will be for taking BACKORDERS, I will only take and hold completed back orders – a completed order is an ACTUAL order with credentials (please note, this doesn’t not include payment, that I will contact you at the time I’m able to fulfill the order to get payment information). I will no longer keep a list of ‘please call me when it comes in’ anymore. Aside from bad timing of this delivery, these are the big reasons why it took so long to get the back orders completed. The only “list” I will keep are actual completed orders. When I get my shipment, I will process them in order of receipt and will not do any additional follow up on orders I have missing credentials (please note, when I receive an order and I do not have credentials on file, I contact you immediately via email. What I won’t do going forward is do additional follow up when I’m able to process orders on those back orders missing credentials).

INVENTORY UPDATE: I have taken a complete inventory of my stock and updated my online inventory. You will notice some GOEX product back in stock – yes I was holding some stuff for customers who ended up not taking the product, so I’m putting it back in play. You will not be able to place a backorder on some of this GOEX product – once it is gone, it is gone and won’t be replenished until GOEX starts shipping product again.

NEXT SHIPMENT FROM SCHUETZEN & SWISS: It is looking like I won’t get another shipment until October/November. Ships are coming to the US slow, keep checking website for progress of the delivery. Prices may change, will all depend on freight costs at the time it ship.

SCHEDULE – This fireworks season came back in full force, and since most shows are on the weekends,  effective immediately I will be closed Fridays and Saturdays. Sunday thru Thursday will be open 5-8 PM EST. Shipping product will happen Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

That is all the news for now, thank you again for your patience and I hope you have a nice rest of the summer. Will post news updates as I get them.

Thank you again ~ Pauline


7/17/2022 – Good afternoon! Fireworks schedule this summer is very busy, haven’t seen this kind of busy in a few years, so at least through the summer, I will be closed Friday and Saturday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Backorder processing – most of the back orders I received before my shipment (mid June) have been processed or contacted. This week I am starting to contact those orders that were placed after I received my mid-June shipment. I would anticipate this will take me 1-2 weeks. When its done, I will update my online inventory.

Please note – I will be holding the 5 or 10 lbs quantity orders due to availability. If you need a case, please contact me and I will see what I can do.

GOEX is still working through their processes to get that product back on the market. They are still aiming for spring 2023.

No word yet on my next delivery, check back for updates.

Thank you again for your continued support and patience, it is greatly appreciate. ~Pauline


6/27/2022 – I will be closed between June 29 thru July 10th. I will be working fireworks shows this entire time and will not be able to return calls during this period.

I did receive my inventory and am in the process of fulfilling and contacting back orders. Unfortunately I will not be able to complete this process before closing on 6/29. If I’m able to find spare time during the coming week, I may do some follow ups, otherwise I will continue the process starting 7/10.

Due to the amount of back orders I have yet to fulfill, I do not know the state of my inventory. If you wish to place an order, my best advice is to place a back order online – ignore what inventory says online as it is not accurate and wont be until I get caught up with fulfilling backorders. I will process orders in order of receipt. Please make sure you send in your credentials if you have not done so already, so as to not delay the processing of your order.

Order quantity will remain 5 or 10 lbs due to availability (or lack of) product. If you want to order a case, please email me at mainepowder@gmail.com with exactly what you are looking for, be specific on grade & brand and I will let you know if I can fulfill. FYI – anything with 2F or 3F, I probably will not be able to fulfill due to lack of inventory. Working on new order with supplier, will keep you posted.

FYI – Cannon grade powder was not shipped so I do not have any cannon grade, but I did receive 1fg and I have reanactor powder as well.

HAPPY 4th of July and stay safe. Thank you again for your continued patience. ~Pauline


5/14/2022 – Been a while, quick update. We are still waiting on the containers to arrive from Europe, was delayed due to the Ukraine problem. Earlier this week, the supplier thought there was a chance they may land this weekend, time will tell. Still projecting late May or early June before I receive a shipment.

All the dealers, including myself, are NOT GETTING WHAT WE WANT, there is just not enough powder coming in from Europe. We are all getting something, just not what we would like to get so please be patient and get your orders in where you can, as black powder is going to be tight this year.

I have short sleeved t-shirts available now, same design and brand as the long sleeve ones, available now on the website.

Thank you again for your patience! ~ Pauline

4/11/2022 PM – Update on black powder shipment. As we all suspected, there has been a delay with the containers leaving Europe due to the chaos in Ukraine. The distributor is hoping they will hit the water towards the end of the month, which means they will not be able to ship to us dealers until middle/end of May. In other words, I probably will not have product until end May/beginning of June to ship. Another thing – Schuetzen & Swiss manufacturers were not able to fulfill the entire order, which means all us dealers are going to get shorted on our orders. Remains to be seen what that means, but just giving you a heads up. I’ve been saying to everyone it is going to be a tight year for product, so conserve conserve conserve as much as you can.

Estes has been making progress on their quest to get the GOEX brand back up and running. Permits are being issued (it’s a slow process, need permit A to apply for permit B, that kind of stuff),  they’ve re-hired alot of the Hodgdon employees so history and knowledge is being retained, equipment is on order (to replace what they lost last June) – they are hoping for end of the year/beginning of next year. My bet is spring 2023 we will see GOEX hit the market again.

3/28/2022 PM – Hallelujah, I’m finally caught up.  All back orders created by the GOEX September announcement and the backlog created by my credit card processing in November is now completed. COMPLETE! I’ve turned credit card payments back on and have updated what I have left in inventory (which isn’t much left, sorry). Still on track for April/May restock. I really don’t have enough powder to do 25 lbs orders unfortunately, UNLESS you want Schuetzen Reanactor powder. Schuetzen Reanactor powder I can do 25 lbs orders, but please call, you won’t be able to do it online.

Thank you for your patience through the last 6 months, it is greatly appreciated.

3/20/2022 PM – Quick update – I’ve been sick since Tuesday with food poisoning and it has really knocked me out. Today is the first day I almost feel like I am getting over it, although standing for longer than 2 hours is still difficult. It has put me behind on updating the website with my inventory, will try and work on that this week. Hoping to get over whatever is ailing me this once and for all in the next few days. Sorry for the delay.

3/14/2022 PM – Been awhile since my last update, I have successfully gone through all the back orders that my credit card processing problems created the last couple of months. Good news is I’ve contacted everyone, just need to wait one more week before I can update the website with my available inventory. I am out of anything 2F, and almost out of anything 3F. Still hoping to receive my restock shipment in April/May, however it is unclear what this Ukraine mess will do to those dates, hopefully nothing. Will keep you posted as information becomes available.

The GOEX transition from Hodgdon to Estes is in progress, they are projecting to have black powder available by end of this year/beginning of next year. We are getting monthly updates from Estes, so I will keep you posted as best that I can with information as they progress.

Now that the backorders have been caught up, I should be a little more responsive, however email and texts will be the fastest way to reach me.

I will be re-evaluating the 10 lbs maximum on orders the next couple of weeks. I’m sure this will come as no surprise, but shipping fees are going to change unfortunately on 25 lbs orders, stay tuned.

Once again, I thank everyone for your continued support, understanding and patience. Thank you again! Pauline


1/31/2022 PM – Got the word from GOEX this morning – it has been bought. And before anyone asks, NO you cannot place an order, probably won’t see this product back on the market until 2023. They have ALOT of licenses to transfer and/or get new (some these licenses are not transferable), not to mention they need to setup manufacturing plants etc. Here is the press release, will keep you posted through the year as I hear of news. Things are starting to get back to normal for us, even if the rest of the world isn’t! Thank you! Pauline


 Estes Energetics to Extend the GOEX Black Powder Production Legacy

Estes Energetics has acquired the assets of GOEX, the premier black powder brand, and will continue and grow production at its Louisiana manufacturing facility.

(January 31, 2022) Minden, LA.  Estes Energetics (https://estesenergetics.com/) is pleased to announce the acquisition of GOEX from Hodgdon Powder Company. This last remaining commercial scale black powder factory in the United States produces GOEX and Olde Eynsford brands of black powder, which are highly regarded by competitive and recreational shooters, re-enactors, and muzzleloading hunters, as well as fireworks manufacturers. GOEX black powder also propels the model rocket motors of sister company Estes Industries, the leading model rocket brand, and supports the needs of the U.S. Military.

The acquisition of GOEX was completed in January 2022. “We are extremely excited to extend the relationship with our loyal customers as we ramp up production to satisfy pent up demand later this year,” said Karl Kulling, CEO of Estes Energetics.

GOEX traces its roots back to 1802, when DuPont began producing black powder in Delaware. DuPont’s Belin plant in Pennsylvania became part of GOEX in the early 1970s. In 1997, the operations of GOEX were moved to Minden, Louisiana. Estes Energetics plans to continue this legacy of high-quality American made black powder, bringing innovation and full-spectrum engineering capability to fortify safety and quality.

About Estes Energetics

Estes Energetics is a defense and industrial company founded in 2021 that researches, designs, engineers, manufactures, tests, and integrates solid-propellant rocket motors, energetics and associated technologies for government and commercial customers. It combines practical propulsion solutions with advanced aerospace research and development. Estes Energetics has engineering, manufacturing, and test facilities in Penrose, Colorado near Colorado Springs. To learn more about Estes Energetics, please visit https://estesenergetics.com/

About GOEX Industries

GOEX Industries manufactures high quality black powder that is used for sporting and fireworks applications and is a vital component for industrial and military applications. GOEX has been producing American made black powder for more than 200 years and is the only U.S. manufacturer of black powder.  To learn more about GOEX Industries please visit https://goexpowder.com/


1/15/2022 PM – Update, please read all the way through, hopefully will answer alot of your questions.

GOEX Update – still no word on the fate of this product.

Flat Shipping Fee on 5 and 10 lbs – this has been raised from $65 to $70 flat fee.  Why? UPS increased hazmat fee by $5.00 beginning of the year. Sorry, I’ve been carrying the increases on this line item for the past 4 years, this increased fee from UPS I couldn’t absorb.

5 or 10 lbs order will continue until I receive my next shipment, which is looking like April/May timeframe.

Schuetzen/Swiss distributor has made great strides in getting containers on order for the US markets. First set of containers are projected to be here sometime spring. What this means for the black powder supply is it is going to be tight through late spring, we are all waiting on these first containers to come from Europe, however I suspect it will continue to improve this summer into the fall.

Status on Shipping back orders – as most of you know, I’ve had credit card processing problems since mid-November, that weren’t resolved until the first week of January. I have a lot of back orders to go through – I am processing in order of receipt – however I did not realize the number of orders received during the week of 12/13.  I’m still processing these orders from that particular week. Please continue to be patient, I can only ship so many lbs per day, and can’t ship in bad weather (UPS won’t pick up on those days) – and of course it’s winter in Maine, got another bad storm headed our way Monday. I’ve been able to ship over 100 orders since the 1/5, product is moving, just please be patient.

Inventory status – truth is, I have no idea what my inventory status is, won’t know for a few weeks. I just have too many orders that need processing. For this reason any future orders taken will be on a back order status. Please select CHECK PAYMENT as payment. Sorry to do it this way, but orders continue to come in and I can’t get ahead of it, so temporarily all orders will be on back order until I get caught up and can figure out my inventory.  All orders will be kept in order of receipt and will be processed accordingly, so you are not losing anything by placing an order.

Thank you again for your support and patience, will keep you posted. ~ Pauline


1/2/2022 AM – HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Back at it today, thank you for your patience the last few months.  Between the GOEX announcement and this STUPID credit card processing problem I am STILL having, it certainly has been a trying end to 2021, let’s hope 2022 brings new enthusiasm.

Credit Card Problems – yes, I am still trying to resolve this absolutely ridiculous situation. However, I am at a point where I need to start processing in volume to see what else did the CC Processor forget to do this time. So I will resume processing orders on Monday, 1/3.  Having problems with Discover card orders, so if you used a Discover card I will be in touch as I am unable to process those at this time. For those of you that use direct pay from your bank account, that is no longer an option, but will be exploring other payment options in the next month or so (such as PayPal).

Shipping – so to reiterate will start to process orders again 1/3. For non-black powder orders, I will get all of those shipped on 1/3 (unless you used a Discover card, then I will be contacting you).

Thank you again, will keep you posted. ~ Pauline


12/20/2021 PM – Credit card problems – made some strides today, I think we have 3 of the 4 major cards working again – will be testing Tuesday, will know on Wednesday if everything is working for those 3.  For those who like to use bank account info, unfortunately that was today’s surprise – I have to contact another company for that, will work on that next week.

Shipping – for black powder orders, I will not be shipping again until after the holidays.  History has taught me that UPS will not pick up and/or process hazmat the week between Christmas and New Year’s.  It’s a staffing issue at my UPS – even if I brought them the boxes, it would sit in their warehouse until after the New Year.  And frankly I would rather it sit in my storage magazine safe and secure than at an open UPS warehouse.

Inventory – I have quite a few of orders that haven’t been processed due to the credit card situation. I hope to have these orders fulfilled by middle of January, check back on inventory levels then.

I cannot adequately explain in words just how frustrating these past few weeks have been – but to each and every person who knows about this situation I’ve been dealing with, your patience and understanding has made it a little easier to get up every day and think ‘this will be the day they get their act together and get it fixed’ – so I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


12/13/2021 PM – Credit card processing problems continue – trust me when I say I’m on the phone every day trying to get this resolved, today was on phone for 4 hours. The problem stems from the back end – your credit card info is safe, it’s just the process of finalizing charges and transferring funds is where the hold up is, all back end stuff. I apologize for any inconveniences this is  causing, not the type of service I would have expected from this credit card processor, but it is being worked on.  Will keep trying to post updates as I have them. Thanks again.


12/5/2021 AM – No GOEX updates, sorry. Let’s hope we get some news of a potential buyer early next year. I’m leaving any reference and logo to GOEX on my website for the time being until I hear a definitive outcome to the GOEX brand.

Having problems processing orders due to credit card company issues – been working on it since Thursday, in process of emailing those orders that are being delayed.  Hope to have this resolved early this week.

GOOD NEWS is I received my Schuetzen/Swiss delivery and once I get the credit card problem fixed, I will be able to process those backorders I currently have – will be in touch with you if you are one of those shortly.  Inventory and price updates have  been posted – I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE for the price increases but that increase is 100% because of freight and shipping.  Freight especially has doubled in less than 2 months.  Thank whoever you want for that little nugget of our new reality.  Deep down I am sorry for that.

I will be shutdown between 12/20-1/2/2022 for Christmas and New Years holiday.  I will respond to emails, texts and phone messages during this time, I just will not be processing and shipping orders.  During this time I will be re-evaluating the 5 & 10 lbs limit on orders.


11/21/2021 PM – Received shipping boxes and will resume shipping on Monday, the 22nd. Still no word yet on when I will be receiving my order from the Schuetzen/Swiss distributor.  Stay tuned, thank you for everyone’s patience and have a Happy Thanksgiving. I will see you on the other side of this holiday hopefully with some more news. Thanks.


11/7/2021 PM – Quick update:  I ran out of shipping boxes to process orders.  They did ship on 11/1, however its been delayed and is taking a bit longer to get to Maine.  Hopefully they will arrive this week so I can resume shipping orders.  Schuetzen containers have arrived in TX, just waiting on a ship date from them.  Will post once I know.  No word on the fate of GOEX brand.  Sorry. Thanks again for your continued patience!  Pauline


10/23/2021 PM – All orders have either been processed and shipped, or contacted for lack of credentials or lack of product availability.  For orders that I do not have credentials for, these will be canceled next weekend if I am not contacted or do not receive necessary credentials.  If you have not heard from me, I don’t have your order, please contact me!!  Email is better mainepowder@gmail.com

Website will not reflect any inventory updates for at least another couple of weeks.  I would like to give these last few orders a chance to get processed before I know what I have or do not have leftover.

Update on Schuetzen containers arriving from Europe – they are getting closer but they have been delayed a little, but at least they are on this side of the pond, hoping to get good information this week, but still at least a month, probably two months before the distributor is able to ship.  Still no news on GOEX brand.

Only other issue to report is I will run out of shipping boxes this week – there has been a delay with GOEX getting me more shipping boxes, hoping they can work this out this week, but I will contact orders I’m unable to ship directly.

Finally, my work schedule for the winter has changed, so I will be only be shipping on Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Thanks again for your patience! Pauline


10/19/2021 PM –  Ok, been very productive week.  All but a handful of the last orders are going out tomorrow, rest will go out on Friday.  Tomorrow Wednesday (10/20)  I will start contacting orders that I do not currently have product for their orders to see if we can substitute something or wait for an order to come in.  Orders that I have not received credentials for will start to be followed up on this weekend.

So in other words if I have your credentials on file, I will be contacting you to see if you want to substitute or wait for product to come in.

If I do not have your credentials on file, I will be contacting you over the weekend.

Still looking like Schuetzen order will be here in the next month or two.  Swiss won’t be here until next spring.  Still no work on the future of GOEX.

Thank you again for your patience.  Please keep checking this post for updated information.  Thank you again.  Pauline


10/13/2021 PM – Up to order 1909, waiting on a lot of call backs.  Please make sure your driver’s license matches the shipping address, otherwise it is going to be held up until resolved.  I have to be able to prove on paper that you live in the place I am shipping to, no exceptions.  Working with the distributors of Schuetzen & Swiss now, FYI whatever order I am able to get shipped to me  will NOT include Swiss 2Fg and 4Fg, and Schuetzen 1Fg.  They are still waiting on the Schuetzen containers to arrive, so it will be a month or two before I see anything arrive in Maine.  The Swiss container from Europe will not arrive this year, looking like Spring 2022 sometime.  Still no word on the future of GOEX.

FYI – I will not be processing orders for shipment on 10/15, as I have my last fireworks show of the fall season Friday night, will be busy with that all day.  Thank you again for all your patience.

10/12/2021 PM – Over the weekend and the last few days I have managed to go thru ALL correspondence and have managed to match up alot of credentials with orders.  I’m only up to order #1883, but I have filled alot of orders that were being held up due to credentials.  Now the problem is lack of shipping supplies.  Unfortunately I am running out of boxes to ship and these are not the type of boxes I can run to Staples and purchase.  These are all tested and approved by the US DOT and they have to be gotten from the manufacturer.  It’s HAZMAT, it is just the way it is and there is no way around it.  They are on order, but I’m probably going to run out by Thursday (10/14) and will have to wait to receive them from the manufacturer.  Check back for more details.

If you have questions, please email me if possible.  I’m finding I am able to answer questions via email BY FAR faster and more efficiently than text or by phone.  Thank you again for everyone’s patience and will post again on progress.

10/6/2021 PM – Update, processed orders up to #1876.  Orders between #1843 – #1875 I will be contacting on Thursday (10/7) to discuss options as these orders I do not have requested product.  Still a lot of orders that are sitting on hold (below #1876) that I’m missing credentials. I will not be shipping on Friday (10/8) but instead will be doing a hard core inventory of orders vs what is listed on the website vs what I have in stock.  In addition to being out of GOEX 3F, I am also out of GOEX 1F. What does that mean?  If you have not received an email with confirmation and UPS tracking#, you are not getting your order and will be receiving a email/phone call from me to discuss your options on what I do have.  Please don’t call, I will call you.  AND AGAIN I THANK EVERYONE for the restraint on not calling/emailing/texting me asking about orders, that has been much appreciated, even though I know it must be frustrating for you.  I still have over 140 orders I’m going through.  Thank you again.

10/4/2021 PM – Update, processed orders up to #1826.  A lot of orders (below #1826) that I have not processed are incomplete, missing credentials (those are being moved to the bottom of the pile) or shipping addresses do not match the DL (those I’m following up on).  I’m officially out of GOEX 3F, making calls to those who have ordered that for substitutes, but that is going to take time.  Check back tomorrow night for updates. Thanks

10/3/2021 PM – Update, I’ve gone thru and processed all orders up to #1786.  If you have an order# that is lower than that, it is being held up either due to a) lack of proper credentials b) order failed to go thru usually because the credit card used failed for some reason when placing the order – you would have an indication of that on your confirmation screen or c) you ordered a quantity that wasn’t 5 or 10 lbs and the order was canceled (you would have received an email from me by now if that occurred).  Thanks!

10/3/2021 AM – Update from Maine Powder House

Well news is out about GOEX and I want to thank each and everyone of you for your patience this week.  The emails, orders, texts and phone calls have been overwhelming, too many to handle.  I’m not setup like Amazon, I usually process 15-25 orders a week, a handful of emails and texts and phone calls –> I’m not setup to handle 200 orders in 24 hours, along with 700 emails, 70 texts and over 100 phones.

I appreciate the patience.

I will try and keep you posted on processing deliveries but I wanted to take a minute to answer repeated questions on the process since most of the orders I am getting are from new customers.

  • Delivery – US DOT rules states that this type of HAZMAT only allows for 100 lbs per commercial truck. In other words, UPS can only pick up PER DELIVERY TRUCK 100 lbs max. If I process 105 lbs in a day, UPS has to send 2 trucks.  Sometimes UPS is not able to send 2 trucks in a day to pickup and what ends up happening is my pickups get backed up very quickly (UPS only pickup HAZMAT Monday – Friday).  They also have to get it out of the State of Maine, 100 lbs at a time, which is why I will only process 100 lbs of powder per day – it is to keep the process moving forward and product not sitting in a warehouse waiting its turn.  100 lbs per day is about 10-14 orders.
  • Credit card charges – when you place an order, there is an authorization of funds hold put on it, it HAS NOT been charged. Only an authorization of funds hold.  I do it this way as I need credentials on file before I can process an order and it is a lot easier and faster to cancel a hold on a credit card than do a refund if I’m unable to process an order for whatever the reason.
  • Credentials – if I do not have a copy of your driver’s license and a release form on hand when I get to your order, you order goes to the end of the list. Sorry just don’t have time at this moment to do my normal follow up and chase down these docs from customers.  Also, your driver’s license MUST MATCH the shipping address.  If you recently moved, then I will need a copy of a utility bill (not an amazon bill, a utility bill) that states your physical address (utility is landline phone, water bill, electric bill is most common).
  • Stock – what do I have? At this point, I honestly have no idea.  Between online orders and phone orders I have absolutely no idea.  My best suggestion is to put an order in online (at this time I will not be taking order over the phone) so that you can ‘get in line’ of order processing.  If you want to select CHECK as payment instead of CREDIT CARD that is fine, probably easier at this point for everyone since it is going to be a few weeks before I get to anymore new orders.
  • How will I know when my order has shipped? I will email you a confirmation with sales receipt and UPS tracking information.
  • When will I be back in stock? Good question, working on that.  The other distributor who brings in Schuetzen and Swiss products into this country is currently working with those manufacturers on trying to get product in.  Not going to lie, might be next spring before they can get those extra ‘emergency’ containers in from Europe.  Don’t panic – we will have black powder of some brand, just unknown at this time what, how much, who will be doing the manufacturing and distributing, etc.  It is being worked on by the right people.  Trust me.

That is all that I have for now, please be patient will try and keep everyone abreast of what order#s I’m processing.  That should help in figuring out where you are in the order process.

Thank you again.


The Maine Powder House


9/27/2021 – Announcement from Hodgdon Powder Company, makers of GOEX Black Powder